Monday, July 27, 2009

Giant Cat Pictures

At 10 months old our cats were able to drink out of the toilet with their back paws still on the ground.

It will take them 3-4 more years to be full grown weighing in at 25 lbs.

This is the size of a 24 lb cat (A Maine Coon). This is also the image that circulates the internet under the title of "Why The Dog Left" (Verified on Snopes)

I plan to take a similar picture of Meghan holding our cats when they are full grown! If you have a tough time believing that picture here are a few more of the same cat.

Here's a picture of another Maine Coon that my friend Nils sent me:

Here's a picture of 2 Siberian Cats - this is how ours sit too!

And here's a few pictures of my sister-in-law Molly's dream cat - a Savannah! These are bred with wild African cats and domestic cats so they are large, look wild, but are friendly pets!

Molly is that a leopard in your room? Oh - it's just your Savannah cat!

Of course whenever you are talking about photos of giant cats, watch out for fake pictures!

This is NOT a real giant cat!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Me Online

Here's an online representation of me:

Note the 2 cats, sunglasses, crazy hair, coke can, iPhone, hawaiian shirt, and volcano in the background!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Shocking Commercial + Business

I saw this commercial on TV tonight.

Watch the 30 second commercial before reading any further.

So the version I saw at the end said "When divorce isn't an option" so I actually thought for a second that this was an ad for hit men. But it turns out instead it is an ad for a social networking site for cheaters.

Apparently this company caused quite a stir with a billboard in Times Square with their slogan - "Life is short - have an affair".

Here's the founder of this site on the View

For what it's worth, approximately 135,000 people in the US visit this site every day, and 3.86 million members.