Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Mason Fit to Fight Triathlon 2012

After 2 years I finally returned to my very first triathlon ever - the pool swim at Mason. It was a case of Apples and Oranges compared to my first triathlon there in 2010 (I'll explain).

400m Swim (actual swimming this time) - 15:28     Median Time:9:19
Transition 1 - 4:37     Median Time:1:49
13 mi Bike (was actually 14 mi) - 54:31     Median Time:46:14
Transition 2 - 2:32 Median Time:1:09
5K Run (was actually 3K) - 25:21          Median Time:17:35

Overall - 1:42:32 Median Time:1:16:26

Swimming 400m [+3 min versus 2 years ago]
If you have read my blog before you know that my first ever triathlon swim was dubbed the "swimbacle"because it didn't go too well and I ended up swim-walking (dubbed swalking) most of the way.

This was appled and oranges because I swam slow and steady just about the entire time (though you can rest and catch your breath at the end of a lap) but my time was much slower than before. I wouldn't have guessed that swalking would have been faster than my poor swim but I guess it is. I think this also contributed to my longer transition time as I was more tired. I am NOT much of a swimmer still Need to take swim lessons (I keep saying this).

Bike 13mi [=0 min versus 2 years ago]
We had severe weather just before the race and trees were down on the trail so they shortened the run but make the bike longer. I thought they said they'd lengthen the bike by 2 miles for 1 mile less running but it didn't seem that long. It was my first triathlon with my aero bars which I think helped but the course was also compleetly different than 2 years ago. It was 2 laps through a neighbor hood but seemed to be a bit hilly so I think I would have rather have the old course.

I remember as soon as I pulled back in from my last lap Meghan and Anna showed up so I got to see them off the bike and at the finish.

3K Run [-17 min versus 2 years ago]
Apparently there were trees down on the trail and they had to cut it short. I was pissed. There were a lot of people talking about the change and were excited because they don't like the run much. I would rather have had a traditional Sprint Triathlon distance so I could compare times year to year.

Total Time [-13 min versus 2 years ago]
So while I was "faster" it really was apples and oranges so I guess it was fun. It was great to see Jeff there as I haven't been able to do as many triathlons this year so this was the only one we did together.