Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Little Miami Triathlon - Spring 2012 Results

The SPRING 2012 Little Miami Triathlon on June 3rd review! I am actually writing this in October and back dating it because I haven't gotten to it yet. That's what having anew baby will do!

I remember the temperature was great, high 60s to low 70s the entire time which can feel a bit hot but it was fine.

This year we had 1 team participate:
Dave (brother) and I were DOS GEMELOS which means two twins in Spanish.

This was the first time we didn't have any ATHLETIC SUPPORTERs as Meghan was home with baby Anna and others were busy. But Dave and I had a good time.

"Hey Apple Jacks - Are you the guy with the blog?" - YES I AM!
The previous two triathlons someone had recognized me in my Apple Jacks jersey from this blos (Blog: Tips & Tricks blog for the Little Miami Triathlon.) But no one did this Spring. But when I didn't race in Morgans Triathlon in the Fall of 2012 due to a wedding I had a couple of comments on my blog saying they read the tips and loved them and were looking for me at the race.

On to the results: PERSONAL RECORD! (For Dave S.) I ended up in the typical 3:30 range at 3 hours and 29 minutes. It wasn't to bad considering my training was definately reduced with having a baby.

Let me see what I can recall from the race.

Canoeing ~6mi [59 min, -1 mins from last FALL]
Dave and I got he far left lane and had a great start. We really separated from our heat and I don't think really anyone from that group passed us. Maybe some faster folks behind that heat did but I thought our canoeing was good. I remember the water was surprisingly slow for the Spring. I remember seeing a few teams dump as there were some shallow areas on the course but we didn't really have any issues.

Running ~5mi [63 min, equal to last FALL]
I remember feeling really good on the run considering I hadn't run much. I think the weather was cool enough for me to feel pretty good and not get my heart rate too high. I'm not much of a runner anyways but I was glad to see my time this year fall in the typical range where I was a bit worried it would be lacking. I did notice that my IT band didn't bather me this time during the run which may be a first for running the Little Miami Triathlon which is mostly uphill. I credit rocking Anna side to side for strengthening my knees (I mean it).

Killer Hill + Transition ~0.5mi [12 min, +1 min from last FALL]
As I have said before, It seems no matter how I slice it - I end up getting on my bike at 2 hours and 15 min mark and previously I needed a faster ride that 1:15 to set my Personal Record (PR), however after my best bike last fall I needed 1:11 to beat my PR and I didn't think that was too likely on this day.

Biking ~18mi [75 min, +4 mins from last FALL]
I think the weather was perfect for me for the canoe and run but for biking it was slightly cool since it was windy. I knew pretty much from the start that I wasn't going to break my PR since it was so windy. I remember working hard the entire time and I was some what impressed to keep a pretty typical bike time even with the wind. As per usualy had some slight leg cramps which seems to occur worse with wind (because my legs get cool?) but I also know that drinking more water seems to help (for a little bit).

When I finished I basically got my time and went around to the start and Dav was pulling in smashing his PR with a 3:37 time if I remember correctly (which was awesome).

Here's a fun pic form the post race picnic. Notice the rubber ducky on the aero helmet at $10,000 bike!

As per usual, I have a goal to improve my run over the winter and make the Spring Triathlon my best yet,

If you read this blog to this point you must be interested enough to try it in the Spring of 2013! I'll see you there!