Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lifetime Fitnesss Indoor Triathlon - 2014

This past weekend we completed the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon and it was a great time! We did the same event last year and enjoyed it so I was glad when we got a LARGE group together to do it this year.

This year Dave, Jesse, Casey, Brad, Julie, Scott and I participated. At the last minute Brad was unable to participate when a doctor's visit turned up performance enhancing drugs ended in elective surgery.
The Indy group deserves a LOT of credit for driving down early in the morning for the event. It was a blast having them here for the day!

Although this event is for individuals, Scott and I competed as a team (Partner's for Life) and we came in first place among all other teams.

OK on to my results. (some pictures are from 2011).

[ 10 min Swim ]
I'm in the far right lane -
and blurry because I am swimming so fast!
I learned my lesson from last year about not trying to exert myself in the swim too much too early as I ended up wasting time resting.

This time I did the breast stroke relatively easily and mixed it up with the backstroke when I wanted to catch my breath. This worked out well as I completed 13 lengths in 10 minutes, 2 lengths better than last year.

My swim rank was tied for #50-55 out of #65 which is improved ~8 spots from last year. Take SWIM LESSONS already!

[1st Transition ]
I was more prepared for the short transition time this year but still didn't really have time to adjust the seat height of my bike properly before it started. Also apparently my SPD-SL clips don't work with these bikes.

[ 30 min Cycling ]
I'm blurry because I am biking so fast..
So after giving Lifetime Fitness poor reviews in the bike last year (since they always change their unrealistic mileage and you can't compare year to year) I was actually open to the changes they said they made this year.

It was supposed to be more realistic distances however I think the calibration of the bikes were all over the map. My bike was in kilometers which is fine as they easily converted the distance to miles however I finished in the top third of cyclists last year and this year I was at the bottom. I think others in our group felt their bike results were not accurate. I know Scott was working hard and it didn't show up in his distance, and I watched Casey's feet / cadence and I think she got ripped off on her distance. Also Jesse scored ~100 points in every other event but the bike so I am sure her distance was not accurate either.

Again - Lifetime should just track revolutions and calculate a score. I've participated in this event 3 times and the bike is different each time ,aking it frustrating and hard to compare.

My biking rank (for what its worth) was  tied for #51-52 out of #65 which much worse than last year (by almost 30 places) when I earned 2/3 of my total points on the bike alone.

[ 5 min transition ]
This transition was pretty straight forward and you just walk over to the treadmills. There was plenty of time to get ready for the next event. We were told to take a shortcut through some other classes which I don't think made sense. Next time I'll just go down and around as usual.

[ 20 min run ]

The run was pretty straight forward - 20 minutes on a treadmill. It was great to have such a large group of us competing together!

I was able to finish 1.70 miles which was better than last year and gave me  a rank of  #45 out of #65 competitors on the run. Believe it or not this was my best event this year though I am not buying the bike part this year.

Overall - I came in a not-too-great but expected #53 out of #65 competitors. Although I improved in my swim and run the bike score brought me down and this is a worse overall result than last year but I guess I feel pretty good about my performance.

Also I again wish that the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon was more than once per winter as there isn't much else to do AND I always have the bug to do a little better after I figure out how to do the indoor tri again.

Maybe next year...