Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cats Collage #2

More cat Craziness!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cats Collage #1

Here are some beautiful pictures of Manny and Brady being beautiful together!

What's so amazing is that they do this all on their own! Two cats are awesome!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Glenn Beck - WTF?

I was going to write a post about how Bill O'Reilly of Fox News seems to have a more level head and is more of a reporter than an ideological pundit, but this video changed the intent of this post.

Apparently Glenn Beck (who is the Lou Dobbs of Fox News) and makes a living off of playing into people's fears is quoted to say:

"I think John McCain would have been worse for the country than Barack Obama," Beck told Couric in the debut episode of her new web show, @katiecouric.

"I can't believe I'm saying this," Beck said, "I think I would have much preferred [Hillary Clinton] as president and may have voted for her against John McCain."

I'm just not sure how to take this one. Either I respect Beck a little bit more OR he has ruined all of his credibility as he likely voted for McCain and beat that drum during the election and seemily works everyday to play into people's worst fears about Obama (you know - socialist out to destroy capitalism and turn the White House into a pyramid).

Here's the video

Watch CBS Videos Online

Monday, September 21, 2009

Text Messaging about Football

Here's a typical trash-talking text message.

In this case Meghan's cousin Sean (Colts fan) is feeling pretty good about himself after waiting 21 regular season games since Brady last lost a game to send some smack talk.

Sean is on the left
I am in green and on the right

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scary Day at the race Track

Meghan and I went to Turfway Park - her work group had an informal gathering.

Meghan had a knack for picking the fiesty horses that didn't want to get into the gate. Here's a video of the last race of the day - Meghan's horse is #8 the closest to the camera at the start. Notice how Meghan's horse (No More Heroes) seems to go the wrong way, and then at the end of the race Meghan's horse throws the jockey and jumps the fence (it's possible the jockey jumped off when he saw the horse headed over the fence).

I hope the horse is OK because it was a scary sight! It could be kind of funny to see except I know how fragile these animals are and something goofy like this could be a bad thing if it gets hurt. It was something I hadn't ever seen at a race track before and to see how fast these things are moving it's amazing.


CNN puts the smack down on FoxNews

What's funny about this is that for the most part I think many people believe Fox News exists in it's on delusional world where Fox News there is a huge media conspiracy out there but they are the only ones being "fair and balanced" when really egregious examples like this exist probably daily demonstrating that Fox News is probably more entertainment for a specific targeted group than trying to be a real news organization for the masses (centered and unbiased).

It's not enough show show data where people measure Fox News's conservative bias in their reporting like these articles: Here, Here, and here.

that's because of the "liberal media bias" conspiracy theory they perpetuate on Fox News, which I believe the perception could be true because if your audience is to a specific political group (conservative/ far right), then the center can seem pretty far left from what you want to see. So it's better to see when Fox News does something blatant like this:

UPDATED: Since I blogged about this CNN has launched an ad called "FoxNews - distorting NOT reporting" here it is:

As To would say - grab your popcorn!

UPDATE AGAIN: I had heard about this story but this is funny how FoxNews didn't check out the facts before running it. This is called: "Fox's Advocacy Nets Another Victim: Fox's Credibility"