Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

It's the 2013 version of Halloween pumpkins!

Jesse made a donut - or an Ohio State logo!

Dave S. made a ghost peeking out of a door.

Dave D. drew free hand a baby head down in the womb! (He just had a baby so it makes sesne)

Matt carved a ghoul hiding behind a door.

I carved a kitten ontop of a pumpkin in a pumpkin.

The best part of this year was that I got a lot of help!

Anna really wanted to be part of the process!

She even decorated her own pumpkin!

Anna's pumpkin. So proud! I think it's a globe. I can see Asia.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Little Miami Triathlon - Fall 2013

The FALL 2013 Little Miami Triathlon on October 6th results blog!

With rain in the forecast the weather turned out WET but warm fort his time of year at 66-70 degrees.

This time we had 2 team participate:
Dave and Jesse were STILL TAPERING.

Annie and Julie were our ATHLETIC SUPPORTERs to cheer us on in the rain at the start.

I also want to comment that althought the cost of the tritahlon was back to normal there were even less participants this time(591 instead of 1,150). I think the rain may have kept some away but hopefully they didn't alienate too many people by raising prices so much last time.

After 7 trithlons with great weather we knew eventually it would catch up with us. It rained all night before and all morning. We actually had to get ready at the start in the rain. It stopped pretty much for the actual triathlon but we were already soaked. A few cars got stuck in the mud leaving including Dave and Scott.

This picture sums up the race:

On to the results: I didn't end up using my new bike because of the rain, and I may wish I had because it was windy on th bike ride and I missed my PR by 90 seconds. No doubt this bike would have helped :)

Canoe ~6mi [54 min, -10 mins from SPRING]
Scott and I had the TIPPIEST CANOE I have ever used. We had a tough time not tipping just sitting and paddling. We did a great job just making it without getting in the water though we came close a few times. One time we tipped so far over we took on water but somehow we stayed up. I think with all the rain the river was high and running fast which helped out time. Scott and I had the fastest canoe time I have had in the Little Miami Triathlon!

Running ~5mi [64 min, -3 mins from SPRING]
Not much exciting to say on the run. I didn't run much before the Tri so I didn't expect to set a running record anyway. If anything the sool weather helped. It was fun too because Scott and I ran the whole way together so I had company for the Canoe and Run.

Killer Hill + Transition ~0.5mi [11 min, +1 min from SPRING]
The course up killer hill was MUDDY. There was running water across the bottom of the trail and there wasn't a way to avoid dipping your shoes in it. The hill was slippery and not easy to climb but the new stairs helped.

Biking ~18mi [76 min, -1 mins from SPRING]
Since the canoe time was so fast and I did OK on the run I thought I had a chance to set a PR on the bike. The first 7 or so miles I was averaging 15 mph and on pace to set my record. Then I hit the wind. It was a pretty strong wind and it was in the LMT classic direction where every turn in one section you seemed to be going up wind.

There was a section where some bikers crashed and one was taken off in a stretcher. I was biking when the ambulance and firetruck went by. It was a bit tricky to bike around the scene but the women who fell looked to be doing OK as they were putting her on a stretcher.

For most of the bike ride I was yo-yoing with a guy on a red masi bike. I ended up finishing first and he complemented me as being good motivation for him to go fatser so that was nice.

I also passed a lot of people and wasn't passed by too many on the course which was good. If not for the wind I think I could have been around 3:22 but intead I finished with my second best total time.

Other side note: This was the first time I raced without my HRM. While that may be good because I just pushed myself I like having the feedback. I'll get a new battery this week. See you in the Spring 2014!