Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pet peeve

Please chime in on this if you hate it too. First of all no one wants to call any company that has an automated menu. I have listening through the choices and navigating the maze. I hate worse having to respond with words and have them try to decipher what I am saying. Especially bad is when there is no short cut to talk to an operator.

But all of that I can live with if these companies would correct one problem. I hate having to type in my skymiles number, or my credit card number and pressing pound, but worse is as soon as you actually get someone on the phone THEY ASK YOU FOR YOUR NUMBER AGAIN. I entered it into your computer!!! Look at your screen. If it's not there then I propose they hire Dale to fix their database because I think it would be a few lines of code. Why am I typing it in if these operators don't get the info. Man, that pisses me off.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Napping at inconvenient Times

I took Meghan to the Doctor's on Monday to have her arm looked at. Meghan had hand surgery the week before to have bone from her wrist put into her finger. The cast seemed to be pinching her so we went in to have it looked at.

I drove her over at 8am and we waited about 45 mins in the waiting room as they must have been running late. When we were finally called in I went back with Meghan for moral support. They took her cast off and looked at all of the stitches, everything looked good they said. So they thought a better cast would make her hand feel better, after about 20 mins of meeting with the nurse she took us into the casting room.

The casting room was tiny, with no seat for me so I stood. After maybe 10-15 minutes I was feeling hot so I took off my jacket, then I was feeling a little light-headed s I decided to sit in the chair in the hall. I guess Meghan wasn't feeling all that well and the nurse decided to get her a sprite in case Meghan was going to pass out. On her way out the door the Nurse saw me collapsed on the floor.

Last thing I remember I was sitting in the chair, when I woke up I was on the floor with my legs propped in a chair. When I came to I was mumbling about how I was sleeping and had no idea where I was. One of the nurses took this as an opportunity to tell me how concerned she was that I was having a seizure. I on the other hand was the least bit concerned about what she was saying because I didn't really know what was going on.

Needless to say the scene looked a bit laughable as I was lying on the floor with a can of sprite and a straw next to my head so I could drink without getting up. Meanwhile patients had to walk around me to get to their appointments. At one point the doctor came out in the hallway and said "what room is this patient from" and the nurses said I wasn't a patient.

When all was said and done one-armed Meghan drove us home. When the story got out at work I have been called a "fainter" but I clearly stated that women can faint, men just take naps at inconvenient times.