Friday, October 12, 2007

Doggy Surgery

Poor Shelby Dog. She had to have another tumor removed. Doggy-doo got another mast-cell tumor, but fortunately once again it was Stage 1 and removing it should do the job.

Shelby doesn't really understand what was going on, why she couldn't eat for a day (for surgery) and then why she had this stupid bandage around her. She has now had the bandage removed and has a lot of energy. Unfortunately she isn't supposed to run for 5-7 days, which will be impossible.

Instead of saying, "Shelby, don't go crazy" I have been telling her, "Shelby, don't have cancer!"


Karen said...

*hugs* for the pretty dog! and the worried parents!

Tom S. said...

Thanks Karen! She has needed lot's of "floor time" with me this week.

Ivette said...

This is heartbreaking. :(