Monday, March 25, 2013

Vegas 2013

This year Dave, Vishad, Adam and I got a Suite in the Venetian with a strip view. The Venetian was nice but it is weird how you have to take an elevator to another lobby to then get in an elevator to your room.
Just about as soon as we put our stuff down and started walking the casino Dave found a gave giving away WILDS.
Good news is he won a bunch - bad news is they took his social sec # on a post-it note and have him a W2-G
We also found the mechanical ponies on our trip. I think our room spent 6 hours there with the same 2 other couples.
After "breaking" the machine 2 times each and being hand paid for all the quarters they owed us our room took out over $2,000 from this machine. We all had already won too much and while they were hand paying us we all hit the 200-1 winner.
Everyone won so much that we had to pose with our buckets of quarters!
On this trp we also passed a roulette table in the Mirage that was DUE!
It was so due that there is a red number off the screen. Everyone at the table was betting black. So much so that they lost their shirts and when black came up no one had money on it. After 19 spins in a row without a black it finally came up. The "dealer" said they had never seen anything like this and they were motioning to the other roullette "dealers" to check out their wheel!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Sh*t Triathletes Say - I'm Totally Busted!

This video is so funny because it contains stuff I've heard other triathletes say, things I'd say, things Meghan would hear me say, and the one thing Dave S says...