Sunday, December 17, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Shelby is really excited to wish you a Merry Christmas!

It's pretty cool here in Costa Rica, like 70s at night :)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Hall of Fame Hiccup

For those of you who have seen me play softball you know that I was on my way to the Hall of Fame, with my rare combination of hitting power and stunning good looks. However my Hall of Fame induction ceremony may have been postponed indefinitely today.

I have been sick since last Thursday, and with the impending trip to Costa Rica, I went to the doctor to get over this cold. He gave me the usual - antibiotics, a nasal pray, and told me to continue to take my decongestant. However because of the impending trip, he wanted me to get better sooner, so he said as long as I wasn't opposed to a shot, he would recommend one.

Some of you may know I am not a big fan about shots (or getting stung by a bee, it's like a flying needle). However I just wanted to get better soon so I said fine, let's do the shot thing.

When the nurse came in I was going to take off my sweater so she could reach my arm when she informed me that it was not going to be a shot in the arm. In disbelief I said "excuse me?" but alas there I was getting a shot in the butt.

Apparently it was a steroid shot, something to do with calming down inflamed nasal passages and other whos-a-ma-whats-its. I couldn't help but have some vision of Mark McGuire going through this routinely and decided that I have to give more credit to baseball players on steroids because this is not an experience I want to go through on a routine basis.