Sunday, February 08, 2009

Spanish 2: Completed

Below is a video in honor of Meghan and I graduating our "Spanish 2" class at the local YMCA.

I have to say I hated taked a foreign language in high school (3 years of French). I am pretty proud to say that in my Senior year of highschool I was able to get C++ programming to count as a foreign language. I was fortunate that as an Engineer I didn't have to take a foreign language.

But now I really enjoy taking Spanish. It is very mentally stimulating because I really didn't know the 1st thing about it. But I do know this - DO NOT let your children take Frech. Spanish is the language to take (especially if you believe the projections that the US will be >50% Hispanic in our lifetime).

Meghan and I started out in Spanish for beginners (which I call Spanish 1) but after one class we moved up into the "Continuing Spanish" class which I dubbed Spanish 2. Spanish 1 was moving too slow and having some background in a foreign language at least I know what formal vs informal is and what a "boot" verb is so we made the leap.

Finally - here is the One Semester of Spanish Love Song (dedicated to Ivette!):

And while the original is always the best - here is the 2nd Semester of Spanish Love Song!


Karen said...

well congratulations to you both! :) is fabuloso a word!?

Dale said...

Is el bego or no leavo a real word?

Tom said...

no - bego and leavo (I believe) are jokes. I love how he ends the 1st song with "au revoir" because it spun off a number of "one semester of [fill in the language here]" copy cats on you tube!

fabuloso does translate for fabulous - but literal translations can get you in trouble! (as I have found with babelfish).

My homework usually looks like this: "Los monstruos comen a medianoche" - The monsters eat at midnight. I like to take the lesson (like times of the day) and make it fun.

Ivette said...

you made my day!!! and yes, Fabuloso is even the name of the most popular brand of house cleaners (a la Mr. Clean) in most of Latin America. Which brings me to Mr. Clean's translation in Spanish which is "Maestro Limpio" similar to but not nearly as cool as "Mister Proper" in French.

Casey McGuire said...

Cousin! I thought I commented on this, but now I can't find it... I wrote a blog to say congrats to you and Meghan... Enjoy! :)