Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Me - In Trophies

The last time I was home - I cleaned out my closet in my childhood bedroom. As a quick aside I feel like I had a unique experience in that my parents have lived in their home for over 30 years - so I grew up in that one house for the 23 years I lived in Massachusetts. Most of my junk was moved out long ago (and probably thrown out since) but a few things remained. So I found it amusing that I found 3 trophies from my childhood - and perhaps the only 3 surviving trophies. But if I could only pick 3 to describe who I am - these are a pretty good bunch.

The trophies are:
- 1st Place in a Problem Solving competition in Junior High (which is pretty representative of the Engineer in me).
- A Little League Baseball Championship Trophy (and I still play softball today)
- A Drama Award which I believe was for a play I wrote, directed and produced as part of our student written plays competition. I am most bummed that my creative side is not being utilized as much today as it used be be (be it acting, writing, music etc).

I guess if I were to take my own advice about "Not discarding any of your disconnected interests" I should look to find a regular outlet for the creative arts part of me now.


Ivette said...

So telling!!! I do wonder myself all the time how to tap into my creative side. Heck I wish I could do that 100% of the time now instead of the problem solving!

Weeks said...

We were robbed in the 8th grade... It was obvious that forces were conspiring against us to prevent a repeat victory.

I can't believe you still have that trophy; I have no clue where mine might be, if it wasn't tossed long ago. Maybe Matt still has his.

Tom S. said...

Welcome to the blog comments and glad to know you still read this thing! I feel that we dominated the Junior High Problem Solving competition both years only to have other conspire against our dynasty (kinda like the whole Tom Brady injury).

ddting said...

Rickie Weeks?

Tom, I'm with ya... need the creative outlet! No reason we can't add that to our list of things to do...