Sunday, February 08, 2009

Spanish 2: Completed

Below is a video in honor of Meghan and I graduating our "Spanish 2" class at the local YMCA.

I have to say I hated taked a foreign language in high school (3 years of French). I am pretty proud to say that in my Senior year of highschool I was able to get C++ programming to count as a foreign language. I was fortunate that as an Engineer I didn't have to take a foreign language.

But now I really enjoy taking Spanish. It is very mentally stimulating because I really didn't know the 1st thing about it. But I do know this - DO NOT let your children take Frech. Spanish is the language to take (especially if you believe the projections that the US will be >50% Hispanic in our lifetime).

Meghan and I started out in Spanish for beginners (which I call Spanish 1) but after one class we moved up into the "Continuing Spanish" class which I dubbed Spanish 2. Spanish 1 was moving too slow and having some background in a foreign language at least I know what formal vs informal is and what a "boot" verb is so we made the leap.

Finally - here is the One Semester of Spanish Love Song (dedicated to Ivette!):

And while the original is always the best - here is the 2nd Semester of Spanish Love Song!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Maybe the market needs MORE bad news?

As a follow up to Dale's blog about how they try to over simplify why the stock market went up or down on a given day (when the reasons a market moves are not only multi-variable but partly irrationally and emotionally based) - I took this screenshot today: