Saturday, May 03, 2008

Movie: Lars and the Real Girl

Meghan brought home the movie "Lars and the Real Girl" on a reco from someone at her work. I have to say I faintly remember seeing the ads but the movie seemed to slip by without much press. Well - I am here to tell you that it was amazing! Movie Rating: A+

You are probably better off just watching it without knowing too much about it, so I won't give out many details. The movie is a drama - though it is mostly uplifting and funny - but not in a "laugh out loud" kind of way. The plot revolves around a man (Lars) who is socially awkward (probably some mental illness) and falls in love with a life size female doll. There is a similarly awkward female co-worker who falls for Lars and there is a love triangle with Lars, the girl and the doll. It is an extremely engaging film and what I liked most about it was how there wasn't a bad guy. There was no tension (no need for an antagonist) but it was a very compelling and heart warming journey about acceptance and love.

I also need to add that the actors chosen were perfect for their roles and totally made the movie. Probably falls close to "Little Miss Sunshine" in that regard.


Anonymous said...

You know what makes me so mad?

1. Someone stealing Bianca's wheel chair.
2. Mentioning Lars and the Real Girl since we saw it in the theater w/ Amanda.


Tom S. said...

Dave - If you are mad that someone mentioned the movie - are you petitioning to be an antagonist?

Don't be mad, just say you saw it and agree it was awesome! That's what the whole movie is about!

Anonymous said...

That was the joke.

Do you remember when they are having dinner w/ Bianca and Lars says he is mad because someone stole her wheel chair? Then he asks to borrow his sister in laws clothes for her?

rachel said...

this is interesting because i couldn't name 5 other people who thought this movie was funny and heartwarming. i thought this movie was painfully heartbreaking, and i remember people crying in the theater... not laughing.

Ivette said...

i added it to my netflix q so i'll let you know if i like it 2!

Meghan said...

Although mental illness almost always carrys with it a heartbreaking component, I'm not sure how one could not find this movie heartwarming. The whole town goes out of their way to accept and support Lars as he was, his brother and sister-in-law treat Lars' condition with patience and love, and his doctor is truly interested in helping Lars work thru his issues. Because of all these things and more Lars is able to work toward having "normal" relationships...I find that to be pretty heartwarming.

Tom S. said...

Apparently none of those 5 other people read the reviews (from the box):

"An endearing, intelligent, tender comedy" - The Wall Street Journal

"A whimsical, funny, moving film!" - Maxim

On the DVD they have a whole section behind the scenes about how the whole premise of the movie was that if we remove all the negativity typically surrounding us, all the possibilities for connecting and making meaningful relationships and progress. If you believed Bianca was a real person, then sure there is some loss, but really the point was how much Lars had gained in letting go as well as the whole town by rallying together and playing along with her existence.

The town was uncomfortable at first and could have easily been nasty to Lars but instead they learned a lot about themselves by being positive and going along with it (Lars brother's journey through the movie after starting as a skeptic).

That's what was so touching for me. The director thought the humorous aspects came from intentionally choosing an expressionless face for the doll and putting her into every day scenes, either light or some heavy. That juxtaposition was amazing and funny.

You walk away from the movie feeling great (I wish we could have seen more of the post-bianca part!)

rachel said...

to quote an american legend:

"well, that's, like, your opinion, man."

the dude.

Karen said...

WOW. OK, you go watch Juno and I'll watch Lars. :)