Sunday, July 02, 2006

Blog Props

Let's be clear, I am quite obviously late to the game per se for this blogging thing, however I have been interested in creating one for some time. I am usually pretty bad about emailing friends and keeping in touch back home (Boston) so I figure maybe a blog would be a good idea. Though quite clearly the tipping point in all of this was the fact that Dale has a blog so popular that I think even Mark Cuban himself has visited. So NET here I am, blogging (how's it going so far?) Actually I felt like I needed a starting place to blog, and the fact that I am now a home owner seems as good as any (hence the name of the blog).

So this is the end of month #1 in the new house with the fiancee and so far so good. Meghan and I have survived 2 weeks of her parents staying with us, untold number of bird heads being left in the yard by a carnivorous hawk, and the fact that we now have a dog. I introduce to you the "Four Seasons of Shelby" -

So check back for the random updates of a new home owner like learning to cook corn on the cob, staining a deck, the not so invisible - invisible fence, and everybody's favorite: Softball updates.


Dale said...

WHAT? When did Mark Cuban visit my blog?

Tom said...

Dale - Mark Cuban has a famous blog, your blog is famous in Cincinnati, I thought it was funny.

Dale said...

Oh, this was one of your funnies!

Karen said...

i thought it was funny.

Tom, can i add you to my list of friends with a blog on my site or would you prefer to be less public?

Tom said...

Feel free to link to me, I hope my blog is up to par with the black belt videos you have!