Monday, April 16, 2007

Special Delivery from Fenway!

My Dad was lucky enough to get tickets to Daisuke Matsuzaka (Dice-K)'s first start with the Red Sox at home! Here are some pictures of me with all of the souvenirs my parents sent me from the game!

This last picture was my attenpt to demonstrate Dice-K's Gyro-Ball and how it uses some Kung-Fu powers to strike batters out. I think Gyro means "Greek Sub" in Japanese :)

Thanks Mom & Dad!


Dale said...

Tom I am completely offended that you would perpetuate an Asian stereotype of "kung-fu" for a pitcher just because he's Japanese. Kung-fu isn't even Japanese. It's a Chinese form of martial arts.

I'm kidding. Maybe this will create an Asian Invasion where Asian men are seen as sports heroes and sex symbols. We'll see if any women turn out to watch me play softball.

Tom said...

Dale - I was thinking of prefacing my kung-fu joke with the fact that it was not politically correct, but then I figured maybe no one will notice :)

Also it is a tribute to the "Ask a ninja" on you tube which again isn't politically correct but really funny, I reco "Ask a Ninja - Podcasting" if you get a chance

Anonymous said...

Tom, you need to be careful so you don't lose your MSNBC live show coverage of your blog. Also refrain from now unuseable words like "nappy" even when describing the act of sleeping during the afternoon.

We need a Guitar Hero update.


Karen said...

LOVE the pictures!!

Karen said...

Dale, one night i'll come just to cheer for you and no one else. Not even that hot shortstop on the team. I'll even bring my grandma! ;)