Thursday, October 11, 2007

... Awards there too!

To quote the most pompous speech I ever heard told at P&G:

"I went to Head & Shoulders. I won awards. I went to Pantene... awards there too."

On a more serious note, I am excited to say that I have finally received my 1st Patent. It takes forever. Though this one was fast, only 2 years. I have a few others out there pending and I think this one passed them. There are of course those great projects where you could have gotten a really cool patent and we abandon the work, but for now I will enjoy my milestone!

What's it for? - "Methods of Assessing Characteristics of Fibrous Substrates and Treating Fibrous Substrates"

Translation - Cool ways to measure and treat Hair.


Dale said...

Man, too bad they smudged your last name! That must suck.

Tom S. said...

You'd think they'd be more careful :)

Karen said...

congratulations to you!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom S. said...

HA! I just got the fact that some folks thought this was fake since I blurred out the last name. It's mine - just a little internet privacy photoshopping :)

Martha said...

that's fabulous! congratulations!