Monday, July 24, 2006

Garbage Disposals are Garbage

Not the most exciting entry in the world, but the Garbage disposal in "the willow" has had some rough times. It now has a reputation among the teenagers staying in the house (namely Matt, the brother-in-law) as a wimpy disposal. I believe the first incident was some sort of peel. Never mind the fact that I use a disposal to catch incidental food left on the plate while the remaining three other folks in the house from the fiancee's family use it as the food trash can. Who knew. I try to throw every bit of food I can in the trash, saves on disposals.

So this weekend in the flurry of getting the house ready for a last-minute movie night, 15 huge cherry seeds made their way into the disposal. Needless to say an operation was in store. Today I pulled the disposal off and was arm deep into the nasty-ness. The 1st 14 seeds came out without a fight, the last one was lodged in the side in some manner. I believe after an hour of wrestling with it, the bent piece of metal clothes hanger did the trick, and we are back up and running. Tonight I just might chop some broccoli.

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Anonymous said...

What a handy man!!