Saturday, September 23, 2006

Shelby the Person?

While sleeping in this Saturday morning, I was thinking how great it would be if Shelby was more like a person. I mean she'd still look like a dog, but maybe be able to walk on two legs and talk. What would she say? What would her voice sound like. But really I wanted her to be a person this morning because it would be awesome to wake up and have her make us pancakes. I thought that was the funniest visual this morning, and I really did want it to come true. I also decided that if Shelby was a real person I would want to square dance with her. I am pretty sure we'd be on Letterman or some TV show like that.


Dale said...

Are you on crack?

Karen said...

apparently drinking the aruba water wasn't such a good idea.

:) love the pancake fantacy though.

Tom & Annie said...

What are you talking about, she is a real person inside a dog body! It must be her karma.