Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Live Strong Shelby

The picture to the left is an old one of Shelby sleeping with her head in her food bowl. Now that Shelby has been living with us I can see how this might happen because she wants to eat as soon as she wakes up.

As many of you probably know, Shebly had a mast cell tumor removed last week. A mast cell tumor is cancerous, and comes in 3 grades

Grade 1: Removing the tumor completely should prevent the cancer
Grade 2: Even with removing the tumor, cancer may spread if the area is not radiated, or the dog under goes chemotherapy
Grade 3: Severe cancer, dog is expected to live 4-5 months

We were pretty worried, all of the reading online about these tumors only made us more concerned for Shelby. The GOOD NEWS is that Shebly's tumor came back grade 1 and she should be fine!

So Shebly has plenty of days left to steal my shoes, lay on my clean clothes, shed in the house, and wake us up at 5am to be fed.

These tumors are apparently common and can be found on puppies as well as adult dogs. Please check your dog regularly and use this site for some helpful info: Mast Cell Tumors


Karen said...

FREAKY. glad everyone's doing okay!

Finlands finest said...

Glad Shelby is doing well. I love the pic!!!

Casey McGuire said...

I was just wondering how the Red Socks were doing in the world series? Did they make it to the playoffs? (snicker snicker)

Woman Power

Dave Duvall said...

Glad Shelby's fine. She seems like a great friend with some
great owners.

Hope you and Megan are well.