Sunday, February 25, 2007

Guitar Blogger 2

Since I have devoted almost all of my video game time this past month to Guitar Hero 2 I figure it is worth a blog. The reason the game consumed me was because I went from not being able to play songs on easy to where I could see measurable improvement. I quickly mastered medium, then hard, and now I am on expert. The best part about the game is when you get to the point where your fingers are going faster than you can tell them. It becomes almost instinct. You know you are an addict when you get to the point where you can tell differences between guitars, where you like the "action" on one better than another.

Game update:
Easy - 28 / 28 Song Completed
Medium - 40 / 40 Songs Completed
Hard - 40 / 40 Songs Completed
Expert - 32 / 40 Songs Completed

I am stuck on expert. At 25 songs I needed a step change in talent to move on, and I finally got it, but I am stuck again with very little hope of continuing, I hope to blog in a week or so that I have added some songs to expert.

I have also started the Easy level over, trying to hit 100% of the notes in the songs to get 5 golden stars, so far I have passed 12 of these songs, but it is very stressful. More so than the expert songs, because you can't miss a single note. Sometimes sweat runs down my face, kinda gross!

To continue my obsession I have purchased all of the Guitar Hero 2 songs in order from iTunes to listen to in the car!


Karen said...

i wouldn't have called you obsessed, more like "competitive", until i got to the last paragraph... buying the songs to listen to in your spare time?! ;)

Tom said...

I need to become one with the songs :)

Ivette said...
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Ivette said...

I wouldn't call you obsessed, I would call you a LOSER! Oh by the way, hope you recover quickly from your wisdom teeth being removed so that you can keep playing...

Dale said...

Again I ask... is there a way for this to be used for good and not evil? I'd love to actually learn how to play guitar or piano this way!