Sunday, March 11, 2007

Shelby Gets a Job

As you may have heard, I have been looking into modeling Shelby. A friend of mine (and fellow blogger Ivette) models her cat, and I know Shelby would be so beautiful on a bag of Iams dog food, or better yet in a commercial where she could eat something or be sleeping (she is really good at both of these things).

However things in our house have been a little uncomfortable ever since I brought this modeling thing up. Whenever I mention it to Shelby she runs into her room and locks the door. I assumed she was mad at me or was crying in there due to the pressure of having to go to work again. But, as it turns out Shelby had been using that alone time to start a business of her own. She has been taking business courses thorugh Trump University online, and has been writing her own business books (click on the image to the right).

It turns out that she is a very successful author, using her doggy wisedom to corner the business book market. And best of all, since she is a dog, she doesn't have to pay taxes on any of her income from the books!

We are so proud of her!


Dale said...

Wow. Any way you could use Shelby as an off balance sheet tax shelter?

Karen said...

dale! ha!

Ivette said...

Hilarious! And I'm so proud of having gotten a mention...

Next thing you know Shelby will be doing Signature Training -- or maybe Paw Print Training??