Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sleeper Movie - Arlington Road

Very few movies have delivered for me like Arlington Road. Whenever movies come up over a lunch conversation, I can count on 2 things:

1) Very few people have heard of or seen Arlington Road

2) Almost everyone I recommend the movie to comes back and tells me how much they loved it.

Since I was just reminded this week how good a reco this movie was, so I figured it was worth a blog. The movie is rated R and not for kids.

Arlington Road was made in 1999 however the movie has only become MORE relevant with time as Tim Robbins suspects his neighbor of plotting a terrorist attack. If you are interested in a suspense / thriller this is it! I highly recommend seeing it without doing much more digging on the movie, you will enjoy the twists and turns.

I did find a "safe" review on

"Arlington Road" is the perfect example for how thrillers should be made.

A good story, a good atmosphere, good actors and voila! you have got a good thriller. "Arlington Road" has got it all and it's a near perfect movie that is a must see for the thriller fans.

The intense beginning sets the mood for the rest of the movie. It's atmospheric and tense right till the good ending. I'll admit that there are some slow moments and some distracting plot lines but it doesn't take away the tension or ruins the atmosphere in any kind of way.

The movie is very well casted with Jeff Bridges as the more and more paranoid getting Michael Faraday and Tim Robbins as his neighbour that he begins to suspects of being a terrorist. Both main actors pull of really well and help to created the good thriller atmosphere that this movie has.

Good thriller with a great atmosphere, story, actors and ending that will stay with you forever.


Karen said...

seen it, love it, and it is very relavant!

rachel said...

ooooh, i really want to see this!