Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bad Shampoo Commercial

I just saw this commercial on TV. This is an embarrassing commercial by a desperate brand. Where does the hair spray bottle come from? P&G should fire this advertising agency.


ddting said...

My problem with this commercial is that it's so cliche. It's the epitome of a commercial... something I wanna ignore. But that's all we know how to do as a company. To revitalize a brand, we spend millions on stupid marketing like this.

I thought the same thing about the hair spray, but then I figured out I think it was supposed to come out of the kangaroo's pouch.

Tom S. said...

Dale - I agree. If you are paying for a commercial to advertise your product, it shouldn't fly out of some thing's orifice. How appealing is that?

Karen said...

that was DUMB.