Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fun (or Weird) Facts about Me

I had this as a draft blog for a while and have been adding to it here and there - but since Karen wrote about how she does weird things, I figured it's time to publish even though I will remember something as soon as I put this up.

- I don't like shots or needles (unless they are in the mouth in which case it doesn't bother me. I would rather that than to have blood drawn)
- Related to the last one... I don't like bees
- I also don't like sharp things like large knives or razors (I use an electric shaver)
- I don't like open flame or warm ovens
- I love to read - almost exclusively non-fiction
- I don't like drawers or closets, I need to see everything (plus I hate hangers)
- I don't like jeans or tight clothing - I love Hawaiian shirts
- I take luke-warm showers because I have sensitive skin to heat
- I wash my hands with soap in cold water almost exclusively
- I still occasionally wake up at night thinking I am shaking like the earthquake a few months back
- I am super light-sensitive and constantly wear sunglasses when outdoors regardless of season or overcast conditions. If I don't wear sunglasss my eyes actually feel pain from light.
- I don't like char on my food - it makes me sick within an hour
- I don't like spicy foods, including pepper
- I don't like to have anything hang on the wall above my head when I sleep
- I have used the same deodorant for 10+ years but still smell it everytime before putting it on (not sure what I am checking for... it hasn't changed)

Mind over matter section:
- Ever since running into the fence in softball and getting a concussion - I look over my shoulder after positioning myself between batters and tell myself "plenty of room to run" at Ross park. When a ball is hit over my head I initially think I am about to hit a fence but I have mentally overcome letting it affect my ability to go get a ball (but it took a season to do it)
- I expect to catch every ball hit in the air to me in the outfield
- I expect to get on base every at bat in softball and only count how many times I get out per game


Karen said...

I don't know tom, i think the cold water hand washing is over the top. I even brush my teeth with hot water!!

Martha said...

washing with soap and cold water is better than not doing it at all!
Warm water for washing hands isn't warm enough to kill germs anyway - it's the soap that's the important part of the ritual.
Loose shirts? If you want a loose dress shirt, so you don't have to wear a perhaps stuffy collared shirt and tie, you could look into Barong's, if you haven't already. I know Filipino's sometimes wear them.
I expect to catch every ball in outfield and get on base with every time at bat, too. It's not realistic (for me!) though.

Martha said...

(oops, I have a random apostrophe in Filipino. That annoys me.)

Finlands finest said...

What color eyes do you have. The lighter the eyes the more sensitive to sunlight you are supposed to be. My mom has brown eyes and hers are more sensitive than my blue/gren/grey eyes so not everyone falls into this. Just thought I would help you rationalize this one. :)

Tom said...

I have very light blue eyes that are an awkward color - I asked an eye doctor and they said the same thing - it's related to the color of my eyes. I also have great vision (>20/20) - which she partially attributed to always wearing sunglasses - UV is so bad for your eyes!

I brush my teeth with luke-warm water as well - I hate the cold shock!

Finlands finest said...

Obviously I need to wear sunglasses more as my vision is terrible! :) Glad your vision is good!

Michelle said...

why am i not surprised...