Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scary Day at the race Track

Meghan and I went to Turfway Park - her work group had an informal gathering.

Meghan had a knack for picking the fiesty horses that didn't want to get into the gate. Here's a video of the last race of the day - Meghan's horse is #8 the closest to the camera at the start. Notice how Meghan's horse (No More Heroes) seems to go the wrong way, and then at the end of the race Meghan's horse throws the jockey and jumps the fence (it's possible the jockey jumped off when he saw the horse headed over the fence).

I hope the horse is OK because it was a scary sight! It could be kind of funny to see except I know how fragile these animals are and something goofy like this could be a bad thing if it gets hurt. It was something I hadn't ever seen at a race track before and to see how fast these things are moving it's amazing.


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Ivette said...

I hope hes ok. With a name like no more heroes what do you expect though. :) I felt like Billy mays shoudve been narrating because of the Kazam name!!!