Sunday, March 07, 2010

10K very much

We did it! The "Strides of March 10K" and even though it was a bit chilly Sunday morning, all in all it was a great time.

It was the first entry of my running name: "Bolt Speedman"

If I can't be that fast - at least my name is. It's two fast names!

Overall I was VERY happy with the 10K because I ran with sister-in-law Molly (the other half of the HOT TOMOLLYS) and my mother-in-law Annie. My Aunt-in-law Angie also participated in the 10K walk and came in the top 10 (#7!). Because I ran with Molly and Annie we ran faster than I would have run on my own and faster than I had been training, but I was excited to stay with them until the end.

What's so amazing about starting to run is how much faster people are than I am. I guess I like it because (hopefully) there is plenty of room to improve. Some of the really fast people are finishing in 36 mins - about half my time - which is crazy fast. I don't think I need to run a 6 min mile the whole way - but my goal this season is to get under a 10 min mile for a long distance run.

But for the half marathon in May - I just hope to finish as it sure seems long after running the 10K and knowing I'd have more than another 10K left!

Of course all of this is in preparation for the Triathlon in June! HOT TOMOLLYS will be back in action - hopefully taking on other great teams like the DANNIE STYLTONS!

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Anonymous said...

Congradulations Tom. I am hoping to find a 5 or 10k this spring in the Berkshires. Now I really need a iPhone to track myself