Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Canobie Lake Park - Turkish Twist

Every year P&G has "dividend day" where we take over the local amusement park. Only King's Island is more like a 6 Flags - so there are tons of roller coasters.

I remember growing up and Mom & Dad would take us to Digital Day at Canobie Lake Park - which is a little boot leg. From what I remember it is closest to Coney Island in Cincinnati only it looked like that in 1984. What is even more bootleg is I heard recently that Gillette STILL takes their employees there. I can;t image how much rust is on top of the rust we saw when we were there.

Anyways - here is one of my favorite rides from Canobie Lake Park - the Turkish Twist.
You are in a little tiny room that spins around as you lean against the carpeted wall. Eventually the ride is going fast enough that the floor can drop away! Pretty cool!


Karen said...

been (somwhere like it) there, done that! way cool!

Weeks said...

Canobie wasn't as bad as Whalom Park, however...