Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Bruins and Boston's Embarrassment of Riches

This just solidifies this as the best decade or so in Boston sports history and I think one of the best for any one city. To have all 4 major sports win during my adult life is just amazing!

ESPN just confirmed that Boston is the first city in history to have all 4 major sports win a championship in a 7 year span.

Since 2001 to have:
Red Sox (x2)
Patiots (x3)
Celtics and now...

all win championships!


UPDATE: The Patriots now have the longest championship drought in Boston!


chargirl said...

Thanks ESPN for the info. That fact ran across my mind yesterday, about the 4 championships within the shortest amount of time. I've been researching all AM, but couldn't find the proof.
That is hilarious about the Pats having the longest drought! What's up with those bums? Can't they win?lol

Anonymous said...

makes up for the 80s:

Patriots - 85 lost in Superbowl
Red Sox - 86 lost in World Series
Celtics - 87 lost in finals
Bruins - 88 lost in finals