Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cable Doesn't Do This

I came home and had a package waiting for me. Since I wasn't expecting one I was pretty excited to see what it would be. When I opened it I thought that maybe it was a late Christmas present I got for my nieces that accidentally came to me, especially when it said "Welcome Aboard - Enjoy your new spongebob skateboard!"

Notice the sheet of stickers so I can "Pimp my Nicktoons Ride"

I recently upgraded my DirecTV package paying $5 per month more for the Science channel. Apparently I got a bunch of nickelodeon channels too. Here's the letter:

"Thank you for your recent upgrade to the TOTAL CHOICE PLUS package. To show our appreciation, we would like to present you with the enclosed SpongeBob Skateboard, courtesy of Nicktoons Network. - Sincerely DirecTV Inc."

What a riot!

PS - I also heard that DirecTV and MLB are reaching a deal that would make DirecTV the exclusive provider of MLB Extra Innings, meaning the NFL Sunday Ticket and MLB would only be on DirecTV.


Karen said...

is using the verb "pimp" really what you should be doing on a skateboard typically used by children!?

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Shelby will be pulling you on the skateboard the way Macs used to pull Mike?

KJ Zuco said...

I heard that as well about the MLB package. That sux. There's a senator who wants to end the NFL Package exclusivity on DirecTV. His argument is that the major sports get immunity against certain inter-state labor rules and rules against monopolies. In turn, the leagues need to make the sevices available to the general populous (not for free...but it can't be exclusive).

It would be interesting if that gained steam.