Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow in Cincinnati

Today was the 1st official snow in Cincinnati this year - 2 inches that actually stayed on the ground. Shelby loves the snow and tore around the yard covered in snow. She likes to eat it and dig with her nose in it. I threw snowballs for her to chase and when they hit the ground she thought they disappeared.

Go Pats


Anonymous said...

well looks pretty white compared to the green palm trees, blue skies and my dark brown bod. however, this blog leaves me asking "where is shelby in all this" There is a pic of a unigender snowperson but no white on white action shots of chase the melting snow ball? please update :)
yours truly,

Tom said...

There are no pictures of shelby in the snow because the action was too fast and too furious. Shelby was making snow angels. So was I.

Karen said...

this sucks. snow i mean, not your dog. :)

Ivette said...

Could you please add to your blog instructions on how to make a snow man? Not that the one in the picture is the best one I've seen, but my husband attempted (and failed miserably!) at making one for Gabi today and we have spent all afternoon arguing about the correct way to build a snow man.