Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dinner Conversation

We are having dinner at our house. Attendees include Meghan, her brother Matt, his girlfriend Nikki, and myself. I am opening the water bill and decide to turn it into a game.

Tom: Guess how many gallons of water we used last month, "price is right" style - closest without going over. Meghan - you guess 1st.
Meghan: 900 gallons
Tom: Ok, Matt you're next.
Matt: 901 gallons
Tom: Ok, Nikki - closest without going over.
Nikki: 1 dollar

It's funny because it's the right strategy, wrong units. Nikki was disqualified. Matt won because we used way more than 901 gallons.


KJ said...

The "$1" has always been common knowledge in Price is Right.....but equally important is to always bid $1 more than a previous bid. The bids will be $200, $800, $500 and the last clown will bid $300. Useless.

Dale said...

Funny, we were just talking about that lunch today. One reason we could think of was they didn't have all the numbers in front of them, so they didn't remember the numbers. Second reason was just they were all stupid.

I came up with a great idea... take the Price is Right contestants and swap them with the Jeopardy contestants. I think it'd make for some funny TV.

Ivette said...

I got my water cut off last week because Jose forgot to pay the bill, NOT FUN!!!

Karen said...

that's a lot of water!!!!!! you must have a beautiful lawn!