Thursday, July 05, 2007

Looking for a New Car

I am in the market for a "new" car. I may go the 1-2 year old Certified Pre-Owned route or get a new one if I can't find what I want. The Audi has been good to me. I have 108,000 miles on it, and it is still fun to drive (Thanks Uncle Ed!). I will miss it. Considering Audi's are usually known for below-average reliability, over all the Audi has been pretty good to me. Right after the warranty expired I had a number of odd things come up but since then it has been pretty good. Ignoring the fact that you have to continuously add oil!

Besides the Maserati Quattroporte nothing is jumping out to me. So I am doing the test drive circuit and plan to blog my results for anyone else who might be thinking about a new car.

- 4 door
- Sporty
- Heated Seats
- Manual (Stick) Shift

- Bluetooth enabled
- iPod adapter
- Ventilated (Cooled) seats
- XM radio
- Power passenger seat (not in the audi)

The Short list of potentials includes:
Volvo S60 R, S80
Audi A4, A6, A3
BMW 335xi
Lexus GS 350 AWD
VW Passat
Acura RL
Infiniti G35x

I will post the results of test drives.


Dale said...

That car that you have pictured is what, $100,000? It's like driving a house down the road.

Karen said...

your list of possibilities matches Jim's - i'm sure he'll be interested in the results!

Dave said...

What exactly do you mean by continuously add oil?

I couldn't drive a Maserati, I get upset enough when I get door dings on my VW.

Tom S. said...

Continuously adding oil in my book is when every other time you fill up your car you have to add a quart of oil. I set a recrd last time, I had to add 3 quarts of oil (to my 4 qt engine) before it even showed up on the dipstick!

It's either burning or seeping or both. It's been doing it for years and the Audi has a reputaion for that!

Dave said...

I was kidding because I thought it meant when dad came to check the oil.