Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Yankee Elimination Day

It happens once every year - the day I no longer have to watch the Yankees play a game until next year. I only wish the Yankees had lasted long enough for us to beat them.


Dale said...

Happy YED to you too!

Anonymous said...

Where will Torre land next year? I can't see the Yankees without him.


Anonymous said...

Steinbrenner's lame-o "missives" are the most over-rated things in sports. Everyone gets all bent out of shape and makes absurd statements like "no yankee manager is safe when the boss is mad"...."it doesn't matter what's right and wrong when the boss is pissed."

blah, blah. When's the last time this was the case? When I was 12? Steinbrenner is a walking corpse now. The yankees (can't believe I'm writing this) are a well run organization will billions of dollars at stake (with YES in the picture). No matter what assinine things the boss says, they either talk him out of it or slip a mickey in his scotch and soda.

Anyway. The point is that the missive is irrelevant. Torre may or may not be extended (his contract is up...he's not gonna be fired). If the missive was relevant, why are they thinking it over right now? I thought he was gone if they lost the series. Because, see's irrelevant. They are going to go through an intelligent review of what should be done and who is available.

Net of comment....let's stop pretending the stupid stuff Steinbrenner says is relevant in any way, shape or form.


Tom S. said...

Right on KJ