Saturday, March 08, 2008

Cincinnati Blizzard (In Pictures)

Hoooray!!! Today marked the 1st time since I have been in Cincinnati that we actually got some "real" snow. Our official measurement in an open field was 12". Snow drifts were up to 2 feet against our house! Here are some great shots from today!

Since it was a blizzard, everyone bundled up, including Shelby!

Even I got bundled up:

Oops! Looks like we should go out the front door, the back door looks snowy!

To get around, you need to travel like the Eskimos!

Doggy sitting in the snow! (where'd the paws go!)

Shelby and I take a break from the action!

Matt - we are going to need you to clean off the deck. It had about 18" of snow on it!

It sure was fun to have some real snow. Of course shoveling the driveway wasn't any fun and we didn't even finish it! We also have a lot of snow on the roof that I'll try to rake off tomorrow.

Sure makes me wish I lived in a warmer climate - maybe in Central America where it's 85 degrees year round! Who would want to leave there! :)


Annie Hylton said...

Miss you!

Sissy said...

Just imagine the creeking you can do in the kayak when all that snow runs off to the edge of your property! Right on;)

ddting said...

You know it's weird when you say "I'm going to Wisconsin to get away from the snow."

Here's to the snow melting enough for me to not hafta shovel when I get home on Wednesday...

Karen said...

we shoveled for HOURS and it was not one bit fun. Why would ANYONE want to live MORE NORTH than Cincinnati!?