Friday, April 11, 2008

Lessons in Advertising

When you know your target, you can put together a great commercial. Here's a new one from Pontiac that compares it to the BMW 5 series. HA HA, right? Wrong! It's funny because the arguments here are valid, but the 5 series is going after a totally different consumer than the Pontiac G8. The 5 series is for the boomer with some cash, looking for a luxury automobile. The G8 is obviously going much younger and for someone who wants more of a sporty car. That's also why the G8 didn't go up against the 3 series, because that is all about sport and much faster.

I should put together a commercial about how much better Tom's Orange Juice is for you than Coke, but then you'd see that they are for different targets (and different beverage times although I do drink coke in the morning).

Well enough blabbing - I'm too tired to make my point - so watch the commercial and see for yourself. "My sports car is faster than your luxury automobile!" - By Pontiac. I also love how they make fun of the stereotypical 5 series driver because... well... they aren't talking to those people, in fact they aren't going after them at all. Which is how you know the comparison may be apples to oranges. But that doesn't mean it's not effective advertising!

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Karen said...

my favorite line is about the higher collar. Tom, can you please come over in a high collar next time?