Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More Cat Action!

Our cats are getting bigger and bigger every day! However today they started acting a bit strange. They are very active at night and started going through our garbage. Here's an updated picture:

OK - that's a joke, they aren't racoons, but the breeder said that they will grow to be 25 lbs. Each.

Here they are in action!

Manny & Brady with the Bird Toy

Shelby spoils the fun:

Shelby and Manny try to "work things out":


ddting said...

Is Shelby warming up to the cats?

Karen said...

Yes! please report on how the big brother is doing with his new baby siblings!

Tom S. said...

Shelby is beautiful. Overall she has been GREAT with the cats. She probably is a little jealous that the boys get so much attention, but she is pretty gentle with them and for the most part ignores the cats when they are running wild in the house. Shelby's worst time is when both Meghan and I are in the cats room with them and she is left to whine outside the room.

rachel said...

wait. the cats have a room?

Tom S. said...

Yes - when introducing cats to a house with dogs they need their own space to feel safe and get adjusted, plus you need to keep the dog out of their food / litter box (yes dogs love litter boxes). The cats have a "safe house" in their room but now are pretty much allowed to get out anytime they want when we are home (baby gate keeps shelby out). They are gettig pretty comfortable with Shelby but both the cats and Shelby are affraid of each other still. It'll take a while to have them all sleep in our room with us.

Dave said...

I didn't know cats needed a room, in one video it looked like Shelby was about to have an expensive snack.

The only house politics we have involve which bed or couch Lucy gets for the day.

Jean said...

Poor ShelbyShe'sSoBeautiful!!! I guess you'll just have to send her to my house so she gets the attention she wants, needs and DESERVES!

And, Tom, those don't look like non-allergic cats to me (But they're cute).

Tom S. said...

Jean - could you see the dander in the video? jk - but the proof I have is that one of them slept on my neck last night, and no allergies!