Sunday, May 11, 2008

6 Month Reviews

2008 BMW 335xi
After 6 months I still love my car. In fact I still haven't gotten used to it being my car. I still find myself walking out into the parking lot and seeing this car and thinking "wow - that car looks bad-ass" and then figuring out "Oh! That's my car!" I also love the fact that I can "chip" the car and get an extra 50-70 hp out of the car (up to 400 hp!) all while staying under warranty (yay Dinan). I think that would make my car a lot of fun even after I have had it for a while - to make it feel like new. I got almost 10 years out of the Audi, hopefully I can do the same with "Jill". I also am very happy with the AWD, I know many purists prefer RWD but I don't get it when the car is slightly faster with the xi and from what I understand the more hp you put into the car in the form of a turbo tune "chip" - the better performance you will get out of AWD vs RWD in terms of getting the power to the ground. Also I like getting up in the morning (especially winter) and driving my car without worrying about the weather like some RWD friends I know. Of course AWD only helps you get going, the stopping part is on the ABS brakes! Favorite car features are bluetooth and iPod adapter.

I also love the iPhone. It is hard to think what I did before I had it. I can get anything I want at the tip of my fingers, plus it's like a little GPS with google maps (no need to print directions anymore!). I think the 3G phone is a must since the edge network is so slow when you are off wi-fi, I also hope they improve the speaker phone volume. It's also an awesome video ipod.

Garmin Nuvi 360
I love my garmin. I have used it for many a road trip, as well as for some local trips where I didn't know where I was going (Cat Breeder, etc). The garmin gets a great satellite signal anywhere in the car and the points of interest are a great feature. I no longer have it on all the time, only when I need it, but I still am very happy with the purchase.

BONUS: 4 Year Review - Tempurpedic (foam) mattress
I still love my foam mattress. I am a bit bony, especially if I lay on my side (hip). The bed is so soft and comfy, and evenly supports your body, it is something like laying on a cloud, except that it is not a "soft" mattress in that after about an inch or two the resistance of the foam increases significantly so you feel like you are on a firmer mattress only it is VERY comfortable. My only wish is that I got the King size instead of the Queen because now that I am married and have 2 cats - it can get a bit crowded!


ddting said...

Tom, I'm very interested in any I-phone stuff since I'm looking to get one in December!

So 3G would make the internet faster?
Any good websites that are on top of Iphone development news?

Ivette said...

Totally agree on the iPhone and the garmin! Can't help you with the other two although I must say my husband got the infiniti g35 to replace his old 2 door and I also love the Bluetooth and iPod adapter. I have tech envy. Anyway, got the ipod Bluetooth headset for mothers day and in totally loving it. Except I wish the battery would last longer. I also would be remiss not to say the iPhone is the perfect breastfeeding companion. I know I know TMI. But I really have fallen in love all over again. ;)

Karen said...

boy, '07 was a big purchase year wasn't it?

good reviews