Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boston Three Party

It's officially an embarrassment of riches in Boston. A 16-0 Patriots team, reigning World Series Champion Red Sox, and now NBA Champion Boston Celtics raise banner #17.

What I learned from this playoff run.

1) Rondo is going to be a star
2) Pierce really IS The Truth
3) "Blue collar" teams win Championships
4) Kobe is NOT Jordan and layed 2 eggs in key games in the finals
5) Lebron really IS a cry baby

1 comment:

ddting said...

I didn't think a team could just go out and get stars fantasy league style and win... but one other Boston fan (man there are a lot of them) in the office made a good point: You hafta get the right stars who aren't egotistical and willing to do what it takes to win.

I'm happy for Ray Allen, he was one of my favorite Bucks!