Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Shelby's Modeling Career

Shelby's modeling career began a week ago. A local dog shop had a sign for the Hyde Park Living magazine seeking dog models. Meghan and her mom took Shelby and Meghan's mom's dog Luna in for the casting.

My take:
Everyone's modeling career has to start somewhere. But I am not sure the phone will be ringing from these pictures.

The newspaper people dressed Shelby up as a life guard and Luna as an Elvis Presley dancer - I mean sailor.

This 1st picture of Shelby has a "Spud McKenzie" feel to it:

Baywatch beware!

Shelby's "Go To" Pose (aka Magnum)

Luna is off to her 1st "Sock Hop"

Cute Doggie!

Shelby and Luna couldn't get along any better. They seem to be best friends already and play together all the time. For all the reasons I am glad we got 2 cats to play together, Shelby must be excited to have a playmate!


Karen said...

awwww! your dog is a lifegaurd!

Ivette said...

Omg so cute!!!

rachel said...

luna is so cute!

Jean said...

Shelby's so beautiful!