Monday, November 24, 2008

Pick One (Chris Kattan Edition)

OK. So somehow Meghan made me watch MTV's the Hills again this week (love Audrina) and it was reported that 2 of the "stars" just eloped this weekend and it will be on the cover of US Magazine. So I was looking at the article online and came across a collection of images of famous celebrities getting married. It was sort of cool - Obamas wedding picture was there - so was Bill & Hillary Clinton's.

I was most surprised by SNL's Chris Kattan's wedding picture. But first here's a reminder of some of his work (he's the monkey boy named Mr. Peepers). I never liked this series of skits.

Saturday Night Live - Mr Peepers

OK so now on to the Chris Kattan wedding picture.

The SNL star said "I Do" to his model-fiancee at the Chateau De Sureau on June 28 in Oakhurst, California.

So now - Pick One. How did Chris Kattan marry this beautiful model?
1) He's Rich
2) Who wouldn't want to marry Chris Kattan? He's a catch!
3) He's Rich
4) She just loves "Mr. Peepers"
5) He's Rich
6) He's really a nice normal guy
7) Did I mention he's Rich (but I suspect not rich enough to explain this)


ddting said...

Who can understand what chicks think anyway?

Karen said...

rich goes so far. humor helps. not sure i want to make out with chris kattan though....