Friday, January 15, 2010

Love This Guy and Many More Creative People

This guy combines like 5 of my favorite things:

1) Playing a duet or trio all by yourself
2) Split screen video
3) The comedic value of his appearance and the fact that he seems to specialize in Lady Gaga and Britney Spears songs!
4) Juxtaposing the violin with modern pop music
5) Musical humor!

This video was also featured in a commercial for the Grammy Awards

The only way this could be better is if someone played Lady Gaga on a Ukulele

Who could Lady Gaga possibly inspire next?

Meghan tells me that no one likes to watch videos I paste in my blog (especially long ones) - so if you've made it this far I am going to reward you with blog humor and bring this entry back full circle!

Where could I go after the A Capella version of poker face? how about a one man A Capella group!

(I'm taking a bow for this blog performance - even if no one is applauding!)

My Encore will be this one - since Dave and I played the Trumpet and Trombone - this is a riot:


Michelle said...

i made it through the 1st and 2snd - amazingly talented!

Vickie said...

I liked this especially the group of guys. Glad you are getting back to some humor and less politics