Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Favorite Lady Gaga Performances

WHAT!?!? Can someone like me even like Lady Gaga? Yes. Of course - it isn't easy for modern music to catch my attention, between oldies music and talk radio I often don't pay attention to pop music. In fact - when I first heard Lady Gaga (on you tube maybe? or SNL?) I asked Meghan if she knew who she was and of course found out that she had been a star for a while before I had heard of her. Though, I guess she really only hit it big in the past year or so.

So why would I like Lady Gaga. No - it's not because people think she is attractive or a sex symbol - and no, not because she is shocking in performances or costumes. I think I first found a special place for Lady Gaga when I saw her sitting on a piano playing a song that was so captivating for her musical talent as well as her singing. Some of those videos are below. I also love how she was just a girl in college just a few years ago playing in a talent show (video below as well) - and now she is a global star. I also like how she was signed and then dropped by her first record label but continued to sing and do her thing and now she's "made it".

I also like that her songs have stories and her music videos are complicated in telling a story. I don't care that she is shocking or polarizing - I think she will be around for a while because she is musically talented and writes her own songs. I think the lip syncing Britney Spears types are flashes in the pan compared to someone who is really connected to and writing what they are singing.

I guess I am writing this blog because more and more I talk to people who like Lady Gaga or at least find her songs hard to get out of their head - but don't realize just how talented she is. OK - on with the videos.

This is one that demonstrates her talent on a piano. (Paparrazzi)

Here she is on the Ellen show. I like again how she starts with an intimate piano sitting but then goes "music video" on you. (Bad Romance)

This is just a great song to show off her singing ability. It is again from Ellen - what a musical guest! (Speechless)

By now you probably get her weird costume theme - so this is a funny skit from SNL where she is wearing a costume she has performed in before. The SNL writers are pretty funny.

Here's Lady Gaga before she became "Lady Gaga". This is a talent show when she was at NYU - apparently she came in 3rd - but became a star! Her second song is the best.

Here she is again playing for that radio station on the piano. (Poker Face)

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Karen said...

your remote postings are killing me - they don't update on my blog roll!!

I too find i'm getting into her music - it's so catchy!