Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mason Triathlon - Official Times

So my official time was finally posted on Monday and here are my thoughts.

400m Swim (aka my time in the pool) - 12:42     Median Time:8:50
Transition 1 - 3:48     Median Time:1:39
13 mi Bike - 54:34     Median Time:44:33
Transition 2 - 2:23     Median Time:1:10
5K Run - 42:27          Median Time:27:48

Overall - 1:55:56 Median Time:1:24:22

Well - before the race I had hoped to finish under 1:45:00 overall - but after seeing how hot and tired I was on the run I wasn't sure I was going to make it in under 2:00:00 - so I was excited to see my time come in at 1:55:56 when it was posted.

Overall among men I placed #117 out of #126 who finished the triathlon, which isn't great but I'm not surprised. Looking at the 5K run times and the biking - in general the athletes in this race were of a higher caliber than Morgans Triathlon. I think it is because the barrier to entry of the swim means only the more serious triathletes participate. Also the percentage of TT or Triathlon bikes was very high - so you know they were serious.

The Good News
The good news is despite my "poor" performance in this triathlon - I am in line for a trophy as the 1st place winner in the Elite Male classification. I was excited to see my time post and they hadn't disqualified me from the Elite Division. In fact they have updated some other times since then bumping me back to #117 instead of #115 - but I am still listed as the reigning Elite Male Champion! I'll post again when the trophy arrives!


Dale said...

Congrats Tom, I still marvel at being able to finish those three things, much less get a decent time on it!

Anonymous said...

Christopher will be so jealous. Your first race and you are #1 in the Elite Division. Way to go Bolt!

Anonymous said...

Did a trophy ever show up?


Michelle said...

congrats and still laughing about 'elite male' classification. :)