Monday, January 24, 2011

Double Rainbow Video (song) Goes Viral

Since the response to the "Bed Intruder" blog has been surprisingly well received I thought I better introduce you to the "Double Rainbow" - in case you haven't been one of the 25,000,000 people to view it.

It started as a gentleman recorded a Double Rainbow in Yosemite - and his response to the rainbow made the video an instant hit. I saw an interview with him and he claims he was NOT on drugs at the time - but you can judge for yourself. Of course this was also turned into a popular song on iTunes and I'll even admit the song has been stuck in my head.

Without much further adieu I give you Double Rainbow - which in the photographer's own words "...was incredible. The camera could not capture the vivid intensity and brightness. Look into the mirror, look into your soul!"

And the iTunes song from the same group that brought you the "Bed Intruder" song:

What does it mean?

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Ivette said...

wow, i hadn't seen it before thanks for sharing! the song is definitely stuck in my head. I didn't know anyone felt about double rainbows the way I feel about swiss chocolate. :)