Saturday, January 15, 2011

Legend of the "Bed Intruder"

This blog is a spectator's view of the legend of the "Bed Intruder". I'll save the debate about whether this is funny or making fun of this guy for another time - but I do want everyone to know what happens when someone becomes a celebrity on YouTube even if it is unintentional.

In an unfortunate event - someone broke into a house and attempted to rape a young woman but her brother (Antoine) was in the house and came to her rescue. The local news interview of the brother, however, took on a life of it's own. This blog will chronicle the "Legend of the Bed Intruder" which made Antoine a lot of money when the iTunes song hit the Top 50!

Here is the original airing of the TV broadcast (30 million views!)

Here is the selection of Antoine the brother - only 30 seconds of TV time but now he is famous:

Then someone "auto-tuned" a song out of his TV interview which started the whole Legend (this song is popular on iTunes now!)

So why not surprise everyone with the "Bed Intruder Song" at your choir Christmas Concert!:

Or you can have your own Acapella group as a one man band:

What's next? A marching band?

And now for some Blues (wish these guys wore shirts - but they are good!):

Bed Intruder Song LIVE:

If you've seen one Acapella group why not another:

Bed Intruder on the Piano:

On Flute:

For obscurity's sake - here's the song on Mario Paint for the Super Nintendo:

Crazy YouTube!


Casey M. said...

I watched every video, by the end the song sounded completely normal to me, which is crazy! I love how someone talking can be transformed into a song, and then into so many musical mediums. I think it def flirts the line of poking fun...Some of the videos seem worse to me than others about that.

Vickie said...

Tom , you can find some of the funniest things. This has me cracking up!!