Friday, April 01, 2011

Breaking Triathlon News

For the first time ever (in the past 3 Little Miami Triathlons) the HOT TOMOLLYS won't be participating. It is for one of the following reasons:
1) The Triathlon competition committee wanted to give other teams a chance to win this time
2) Molly and I received a one race suspension for passing too many teams floundering in the river without slowing up to help
3) Molly is missing the triathlon so she can "get a work out in"
4) The SEC investigated the HOT TOMOLLYS for having a monopoly on the far left launch lane
5) Video tape revealed Molly's "early launch" technique no mater how much I tried to put the brakes on
6) Though you are supposed to walk your bike across the finish line - we were penalized for "coming in hot"
7) Molly is still recovering from an injury

Even I have a tough time figuring out which of those reasons is the real one.

So... BREAKING NEWS - Dave and I are entering as a team this June. We have a pretty good chance of taking 1st place in the "twins" division. I understand that Dave has already started "tapering" in preparation for our race.

In the Parent / Child division (which doesn't sound right if both team members are over 21) Meghan's Aunt Julie and Cousin Sean are joining in the fun with a team of their own. I look forward to a few "t-bone" collisions with them as we battle down the river.

In other triathlon news - I have decided to enter my first "open water" swimming triathlon this summer. I am going to participate in the Caesar Creek triathlon. In preparation for that event I bought a wetsuit. This is what I look like when I am wearing my new wetsuit.

PS - I found a coupon and got the wetsuit for over 1/2 off! Awesome!


Ivette said...

hilarious. good luck to the terrible twins!

Dale said...

Good luck to the Hot Tomdaves!

BTW I hardly recognize you anymore. P90X?

Casey M. said...

Every once in awhile, I wish blogs had a 'like' button. :P