Sunday, April 24, 2011

Furminator Review: deShedding Tool for Cats and Dogs

Every now and then I find a product that exceeds my expectations - making it worthy of a blog entry. This particular product is the FURminator!

A friend from work told me about how great the FURminator to remove hair from pets, and I was a bit skeptical. After all he said it was an expensive brush but borderline "life-changing". I had to give it a try. When I went to buy the FURminator I was surprised how expensive it was, after all we have a bunch of grooming tools already - but based on the raving review of my fellow pet owner I bought one. I remember telling Meghan it was $40 and she thought I was crazy - until she used it!

Enter Manny - one large hairy cat. Our cats are big and the shed all of the time. Meghan grooms them quite often to try and keep the hair balls down, especially when they shed a seasonal coat.

Meghan had recently brushed Manny with our metal wire brush, but was AMAZED at how much hair was removed. The pile of hair was almost the size of Manny! And he LOVES being brushed with the FURminator!

You might think that with the amount of hair it takes off that it might be rough, but it really is "specially designed" to remove the under coat and leave the top coat. It is worth every penny and if you have a cat or dog I highly recommend the FURminator! I wish we had one when we had Shelby (our beautiful yellow lab who shed like crazy too!).

Above are pictures of the actual hair pile from the very first use - and YES, that is just from one cat! The hair just kept coming and coming! (I think we could make hats out of the fur).

Below is information about the tool and then some YouTube videos of people who LOVE the FURminator. The design really is above and beyond any other pet hair brush we have ever had.

Amazon has the best prices on the FURminator, cheaper than PetsMart and cheaper than the FURminator website directly! You can select the size for your pet and their hair length by using the links below.

You Tube Videos!

Dog Example

Cat Example


Ivette said...

Second time in about FIVE minutes I run into a comment about this product, I take it as a sign that I should buy one too!?

Tom said...

We love ours! And the cats love it! I think they are sheep with the amount of fur we get.