Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Guitar Champion II

By popular demand, here is the Guitar Hero update... I DID IT! I beat Guitar Hero II. The Guitar Hero CDs in my car must have helped! What I love about this game is that you start with very little talent and you can see progress as you get better and better, and just when you think you couldn't possibly get any further, you can still improve and soon your fingers are moving faster than your brain.

I remember looking at the last few songs on Expert level and thinking "There is no way" and in fact I've seen people post their Expert Songs on Youtube because it is so hard. And now I hope Guitar Hero III is even harder!

Game update:
Easy - 28 / 28 Song Completed
Medium - 40 / 40 Songs Completed
Hard - 40 / 40 Songs Completed
Expert - 40 / 40 Songs Completed

I've also beat every song on the Easy level without missing a note. And beat every song on Medium with 5 stars. I am now going to try and get 5 stars on every Hard song. 5 stars on every Expert song doesn't seem possible, so maybe I'll get there at some point.

NOTE: I also bought Guitar Hero I, I like some of the songs on there, but overall the game is a lot easier and I walked through the Expert level before I ever beat Guitar Hero II. I also bought my own guitars finally, I recommend the wired "SG" guitars versus the wireless guitars, I like the "action" from the buttons better for the hard levels.

Awesome Game! It has become quite popular now, many "adults"' at work are playing their kids Guitar Hero game and love it! I plan to tudor others to help them beat Guitar Hero, like Matt :)


Karen said...

Jim was so impressed with your skills that he shared your previous GHII blog with a friend this weekend to show you off! way to go!

Tom said...

Thanks! It really was hours on hours of practice, which I really enjoyed! It's a fun game.