Monday, April 02, 2007

Shelby at the Frog Pond

Shelby dedicates this performance to her family in Costa Rica who couldn't be around to see her in her finest.


Ivette said...

The music made me want to write in "olde english".

Hear ye hear he
Shelby and Gabi MUST meet up at ONCE!

Gabi loves dogs and water and Shelby loves water so it'll be a match made in heaven.

Tom said...

Shelby also loves babies because she can lick their face and they can't get away as easy!

Karen said...

that is one happy pooch!!

Anonymous said...


I want to start lining up odds on who can swim across the fastest, you or Shelby.

Let me know who wants in.

Mike Sturgis

rachel said...

i want in on that, mikey.

Tom said...

Have you seen how fast Shelby is in the water! She is amazing, and on land it's no contest that doggie can MOVE! Especially if there is a squirrel or some other woodland creature to chase!